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About the NCGR Memberletter

NCGR memberletter is a bimonthly publication of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc., a nonprofit, tax-exempt, education and research organization. Copyright by NCGR, Inc. All rights reserved. Authors retain copyright to their own material. All articles reflect the views of the authors. Publisher assumes no responsibility for articles or material contained therein, or for goods and services advertised.

Publication Guidelines

Our bimonthly memberletter needs articles of about 2000 words that range from current events to interpreting the horoscope of a famous person to illustrating a technique. All astrological systems, techniques, and research results are welcome, especially good chart profiles. We invite NCGR members and non-members to contribute articles, and let us know which topics you want to see covered in future issues. Please query first before sending a full-length article. Short pieces, letters to the editor, and interesting facts are also welcome.

Please query with outline or article proposal by emailing the editor. Once accepted, articles must be sent electronically in MS Word, or text file according to writer's guidelines, which will be provided. No hard copy or CDs. Send complete references, bibliography, and birth data (no actual charts) with data source. We reserve the right to edit all material for sense and space.

Memberletter Deadlines

The deadlines for article submissions and ad copy are:
November 15........January-February issue
January 15............March-April issue
March 15................May-June issue
May 15...................July-August issue
July 15...................September-October issue
September 15.......November-December issue
To submit an article, please query before the deadline. Ad space must also be reserved before the deadline. 

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