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Issue No. 54June 20, 2010
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We welcome submissions to this Calendar from non-profit groups as long as they are about astrology. They can be sent to  -- preferably in Word format.
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Read about an astrology scholarship opportunity, right  after "Book Nook", below. 
And below that, a message from Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, Chair of NCGR and on the UAC Committee for 2012 on the speaker selection process, and other items.
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Liane Thomas Wade

NCGR Executive Secretary


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This week's new listings and changes to Around the World from NCGR:
NCGR Chapters:
Chicago, Southwest Suburban
Mid-Hudson, NY 
Northern Illinois
San Diego 
NCGR-PAA News/Teleconferencing 
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Book Nook   books stacked
(Books by NCGR Members)    
Bill Meridian, THE PREDICTIVE POWER OF ECLIPSE PATHS is now in print. The book is the lost key to eclipses and locational astrology, information that has been out of sight for 60 years. The techniques apply to both personal and mundane astrology. Learn how Johndro and Jayne associated eclipses with personal birthdays and with historical events. These degrees are very sensitive in natal horoscopes, and the shadows mark important areas upon the earth. Events that occur prior to eclipses work out unexpectedly. The author demonstrates how eclipse paths work with astro cartography maps. For example, the birth eclipse path of Robert E. Lee cuts the USA in half at the Mason-Dixon line. The path of Mohammed the Prophet shadows all of the lands in which Islam is strongest. For more information, download the flier at  (3/10)
Elliot Jay Tanzer's forthcoming book "Evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps=AE: Finding the Best Places to Live & Travel - Your Step-by-Step Guide" fills an important gap and corrects some crucial misinformation regarding how to evaluate A*C*G Maps accurately. Like many astrologers, Elliot read Jim Lewis' 1976 A*C*G Manual, concluded this was easy to do, and thought "who needs to spend time and money on a certification course?" Then in 1996, after reading the Certification Course, he found out it meant knowing the proper orbs to use and so much more. In his latest book Elliot not only clarifies how to properly measure the orb of influence of the planetary lines, but after evaluating over 1500 Maps, he also provides his insights into the pros and cons of each line, how he preps an A*C*G Map to personalize the Map to bring it graphically alive, and then shows how to transpose the results onto a world atlas. This is also the only book to discuss the health issues of each planetary line, and how they can change by relocating. There are many color illustrations and case histories. The binding lays flat while you follow the instructions. This book is, as the subtitle states: A Step-by-Step Guide and a valuable addition to every astrologer's library. For a limited time available at a pre-publication discount at: (4/10)
National Council for Geocosmic Research
Professional Astrologers' Alliance


12 to 5

How do we define astrological counseling?  How do we definite our roles as astrologer and counselor?  How do we tune into the client through the transits and progressions, and how do we communicate the information in a way that is healing and therapeutic?
We'll discuss some of the practical, psychological and spiritual tools of the astrologer as counselor.

Eileen McCabe is a professional astrologer and clinical social worker with a private practice in New York City.  She is an NCGR-PAA certified consulting astrologer, faculty member of New York NCGR and combines the art of astrology with psychology and metaphysics.  She presently serves as President of the New York Chapter of NCGR.

How to Use the Planetary Energies to Develop
a Successful, Ethical and Productive Astrological Practice
If you already have a practice, if you are on the threshold of beginning a practice, or if you are a serious student of astrology and want to learn the basics of running a practice, Shirley Soffer will show you how you can draw on the power potential of each planet to guide you toward fulfillment of your professional goals.

Shirley Soffer is an NCGR-PAA certified consulting astrologer with an active practice in New York City, where she is also on the teaching faculty of the NYC Chapter of NCGR.  She has written, lectured, and conducted workshops on a variety of astrological topics and is the author of The Astrology Sourcebook: A Guide to the Symbolic Language of the Stars.  In her work, Shirley draws from the teachings of Carl G. Jung by integrating psychology, mythology, and dreams with astrology's rich symbolism.  In her organizational capacity, Shirley serves as Education Director of NCGR-PAA,
where she oversees the Certification Program.

There are many "first's" that we approach with the client - the first phone contact,
the first meeting, the first time we look in each other's eyes.  Then, there's the first time we're asked a question and the first time we ask one of the client, and the first time we're paid, the first follow-up phone call, and "finally" the first time we do a second reading.

We'll also discuss why a first time consultation can be high quality, but doesn't make for a second one.

John Marchesella has a full-time astrology practice in New York.  He is certified by NCGR-PAA and serves as its Director of Mentor Program.  He is also Education Chairman for the New York City Chapter of NCGR.  John is also a certified psychotherapist, trained bereaved counselor and contributor to many astrological publications.  Please visit his website

This workshop will be held in New York City
at 319 West 19th Street - Ground Floor
and simultaneously teleconferenced for participants outside of Manhattan
Call or e-mail for details and registration.

Pre-registration Fees by July 15th
NCGR-PAA members $45
Non-members $90 (includes yearly membership)

NCGR-PAA members $75
Non-members $120 (includes yearly membership)

Joanna Shannon and Julian Armistead were great forces behind the
certification process and prominent members of the astrological community
in the New York City Chapter of NCGR.  She was Education Chairman and
President for many years, and he sat as Vice President for just as many

To honor the memory of their service to the community and their
contribution to astrological education, as well as to encourage education
and service from up and coming astrologers, their estates are creating a
scholarship in their names.

Once a year, $1000 will be awarded to an astrologer or student who is a
member of NCGR and in the process of becoming certified by NCGR-PAA.

The requirement is simply to write an essay of no more than 2000 words,
including your credentials, your experience in astrological education and
service to the astrological community thus far, your aims in your work
with astrology, and how the scholarship would help you in your study of

The scholarship can be used for anything that will facilitate the
winner=E2?Ts study, i.e., books, computer software, classes, conferences,
etc.  That will be the winner=E2?Ts discretion.

Finally, at the end of the year, the winner should submit a brief essay
evaluating his or her experience of that year=E2?Ts study and service.

Submissions should be made to John Marchesella in a Word document via
e-mail to by June 30, 2010, and he, in turn, will
submit the candidates to the NCGR Board.

The winner will be selected by the NCGR Board and announced in the
September issue of the Memberletter

UAC 2012 Survey: The Results are In!

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to participate in our UAC 2012 survey. The results made very interesting reading material for the UAC Board and we are doing our best to incorporate as many of your wonderful ideas as possible into UAC 2012.  You told us that you want more new speakers with more new topics, more networking opportunities and that for entertainment, you want a cocktail reception/dance party, a Michael Lutin production and an opportunity to experience the magic that is New Orleans.
Following our recent visit to New Orleans, we can report that the city is vibrant and
open for business. We ate fish, shrimp and oysters and enjoyed all that New Orleans has to offer.  The devastating oil spill occurred more than 100 miles from New Orleans and, while our hearts go out to all who are affected by it, we are grateful that New Orleans is being spared direct impact from the spill.

We are also delighted to report that your top 30 speaker list was virtually identical to the one that the Boards of ACVA/CVA, AFAN, ISAR and NCGR created. It's nice to know we are all on the same page.

Speaking of speakers, there were a number of comments in the survey referring to a "Speaker Selection Committee." As a result, we feel we need to clarify the speaker selection process. The selection of speakers is not done by committee, but by the preferences of the professional astrological community and raw attendance data from previous conferences. In summary, here is the process:

=B7 A list is compiled from past conferences based on attendance, as well as the results of the membership surveys.

=B7 Each organization then chooses an additional 14 speakers (ACVA chooses 7) they would like to see present at the conference.

=B7 An "open application" process allows veterans and new speakers to submit their request to present at UAC.

With the information that we have at hand, we are hoping that we can create a wonderful UAC experience... one that fosters community, feeds the mind,
and inspires the spirit.

See you in 2012!

Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Chair, NCGR 
Annapolis, MD
The Greatest Astrological and Metaphysical Picnic in the Known Universe
SATURDAY, JULY 31, starting at 12:02 pm
in Downtown Silver Spring
Lynn Koiner - 301-589-2074
737 Easley Street; Silver Spring MD
This is the major social event of the year!  Great Food and Great People!
This is a Potluck Affair and attendees are expected to bring a lot of great food.
We have a tradition to maintain...that this picnic serves up the best food
and lots of it.  High Standards Prevail! 

There will be a bulletin board for posting announcements
Bring your friends, your family -- everyone is welcome! 
Remember to bring a chair or blanket for sitting, if possible. 
This is a family picnic and children are welcome but please bring toys or games that will entertain and satisfy a small child's restless energies.  Badminton is available for adults.
It is our tradition to have highly qualified readers at this picnic.  Their fees generally range about $20-$30 per reading.  We have added more readers this year and body workers with new types of readings.
Looking for a good day astrologically, this year is not the best.  Libra is always on the Ascendant for my picnics.  This year Venus in Virgo is in the 11h House.  This may favor the health practitioners who work at the picnic.  As a Virgo, they are always my favorite.  Rose O'Hara can always be counted on to practice her Celtic spells so that the weather will treat us well.
GARDENING ADVICE:  Charlie will be available for free gardening advice after 4pm
Charlie will be the subject of a documentary that will be shown at the American Film Institute from June 22-27, 2010
Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month. Regular meetings begin at 10:30 AM and conclude at 12:30 PM. For further information contact Rose O'Hara at (410)768-1404 or Lynn Koiner at . After the meeting enjoy lunch with the speaker at The Italian Market.
* * *


Conferencias  /   Conferences


-      12 Septiembre: "Los arquetipos Junguianos y la astrolog=EDa"

                     Por Fini Menchaca, NCGR-PAA III 

-      September 12th " Junguian arquetypes and Astrology"

                            By: Fini Menchaca, NCGR-PAA III



-      17 Octubre: "Visi=F3n astrol=F3gica del 2012"

                Por CA Yuriria Robles, NCGR-PAA  IV

-      October 17th: " 2012 Astrological  Vision"

                     By: Yuriria Robles, NCGR-PAA IV


-       14  Noviembre: 9vo. ANIVERSARIO DE AstroM=E9xico.

                      Conferencia y Brindis

                     Conferencia: "Astrolog=EDa k=E1rmica"

                     Por Luz Mar=EDa Lazcano, NCGR-PAA  III 

-      November 14th: AstroMexico 9th Anniversary

                           Conference and toast

                           Conference: " Karmic Astrology"

                           By: Luz Maria Lazcano, NCGR-PAA III


-      5 Diciembre: Relaci=F3n entre las principales fiestas hebraicas

                     y el signo de libra"                

                  por Lety Sacal, NCGR-PAA  III

-     December 5th: Relation between the principal Hebraic's                             holidays and the sign of Libra"

-                                  By: Lety Sacal, NCGR-PAA III


Cursos  /  Courses


-      Mayo 22  y 23;  Curso de numerolog=EDa 2 con Margarita Cobo NCGR-PAA I


-       May 22 and 23th: Numerology with Margarita Cobo, NCGR-PAA  I


-      Junio 30: Taller practico de Numerolog=EDa 2, con Margarita Cobo NCGR-PAA 1


-      June 3oth, Pratical workshop Numerology 2 with Margarita Cobo, NCGR-PAA 1



-      Junio 25, 26, y 27; Curso de Astrolog=EDa Occidental con Jackie Slevin.

- Eclipses Pre-natal

- Astrolog=EDa Horaria

- Cuando las cartas natales se convierten en cartas fluidas.

- La flecha de Cupido


June 25, 26 and 27th: Western Astrology with Jackie Slevin

- Prenatal Eclipses

- Horary Astrology

- When natal charts become flow charts

- Cupido arrow


-      Noviembre 20 y 21 ; Curso de Astrolog=EDa v=E9dica con Nalini

-      Compatibilidad (amor, negocios, relaciones, etc).

-      Dashas planetarios desde diez perspectivas distintas: naturaleza intr=EDnseca, casa, signo, regencia, cartas divisionales. Nakshatras, drekana, etc.


-      November 2=BA and 21st: Vedic Astrology with Nalini

-      Compatibility

-      Planetary dashas

* * *
Please see our website for more information: 
Berkshire Fairfield Chapter (Connecticut)
Events held at The Westport Woman's Club in Westport, CT from 2:00 - 5:00 pm.  $20 payable at the door is the price for members and non-members.  (All the details, including directions, are on our chapter website.) 
* * * 
See NCGR-Berkshire Fairfield's website at
10planetsBoston Chapter
Doubletree Guest Suites, 400 Soldiers Field Road, Boston, MA. 
 Registration 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm.  Meeting 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm.
Boston Chapter website:  
* * * 
Chicago, Southwest Suburban 
July/August No Meetings
September 3rd John Brunell. His lecture will be looking at a variety of topics: The History of Astrology, Relationships, the Prophet Mohammed and the Future of Astrology.
October 1st, Jon Parks. The Astrological Stages Of Life: Childhood Through Old Age. Jon will be looking at the traditional 7 stages of life, each ruled by one of 7 visible planets.
Jon was past President of the Chicago NCGR for many years. Jon is a respected professional astrologer known through out the Chicago area. He is well versed on most all-technical areas of astrology.  
Meetings from 7 to 9 p.m. the first Friday of each month at the Palos Heights Recreation Center, 6601 W. 127th St., Palos Heights, IL
Information about SW-NCGR: Patricia Hanus- Dussman, president,

Florida Atlantic


NOTE: Varied price structure. Price shown below includes lecture, workshop, lunch AND parking!
When: Third Saturday of each month, 10:30am - 4 or 5 pm (or later)
Where: Ft. Lauderdale Airport Hilton, 1870 Griffin Road, Dania, FL
Socialize and Register: 10:30am
Lecture Only: 11am - 1pm $15
Stay all day for the afternoon workshop, including practical examples with attendees charts. Lunch is included, as well as parking for $50.
Be sure to bring a few dollars extra for raffle tickets!
For more information, contact Richard Nelson at 305-275-6555 or 305-219-3667.
Send in your chart information early if you would like your chart used as an example during the day, to
Visit our chapter's website:  
Gulf Coast Chapter in Houston, TX
The Gulf Coast Chapter's monthly meetings are held at
Body, Mind & Soul bookstore in Houston (Westheimer and Mid Lane.) .
Meetings are generally the fourth Friday of the month at 7pm to 9pm.
Please contact us for more information:
Cinda Johnson, President

* * *

OR CALL GAYLE PARKER    702-221-6275
longislandLong Island Chapter

The Long Island Chapter of NCGR meets on the second Thursday of each month. For further information and directions to our meetings please e-mail Lenore Grafmuller at:  or  Angelita DeChristopher at: or you can visit us at: for directions, articles, latest Newsletter and more...

Upcoming events:



  7/09 - Dietrech Pessin - To be announced


  8/12 - John Marchesella - To be announced


10/01 - Member's Annual Dinner 


10/14 - To be Announced


11/11 - Janet Booth - Moon Grooves and Three-peats


12/10 - No meeting

los angelesLos Angeles

The Los Angeles Chapter of NCGR meets the third Thursday night of each month. We meet for the months of September through June each year.  

We will be on hiatus during July and August, 2010.
September 16, 2020 - to be announced
October 21, 2010 - to be announced
November 18, 2010 - to be announced
December 16, 2010 - to be announced
The meetings are at Carrows Restaurant, located at 18355 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA.

The meetings start at 6:30 P.M. for dinner, and the lectures start at approximately 7:30 to 7:45 P.M.
Our local website:
Members $2.00
Visitors $5.00
Mid Hudson Upstate Chapter
(near Kingston, New York)
Our next NCGR meeting will be on Monday, June 21st at the home of Sharon DeVries.  7:30 pm is the start time.  $10 for NCGR members, $15 for non-members. 
Sola Storm will be speaking about Hermetics: Astrology, The Tarot and The Kaballah.  Check our website midhudsonupstate for more information.  Hope to see all of you there!  Happy Summer!
There is a further explanation on our website,  Fees for NCGR members are $10 and non-members, $15.  The meeting will begin around 7:30 pm.  It should be a very interesting meeting! Enjoy! 
The Chapter website  is

milwaukee museum

(Right, a rendition of the additon to the Milwaukee Art Museum)

June 28  "Decanates and Dwads" by Rebecca Zawadiwsky
July 26 tba

August 23 Sally Blumfield
"4th House Cusp"

September 27th Charlene Montalbano "Davidson Charts"

Nancy K Simpson-President
Shari Tikusis-Vice Prsident/Treasurer
Deb Rosen-Secretary

Meetings at Sol Care, 305 W. Silver Springs, Geldale, WI arrive at 7
meeitng starts at 7:15 pm
For further information, please contact Nancy K. Simpson, President at
414-339-5428 or visit 
New YorkLady Liberty City
The Winter/Spring Semester of Classes is well underway.  For further information, visit our website,
* * *
NTA banner
Network of Triangle Astrologers 
Dancing Moon Books & Gifts   
1840 Wake Forest Road,   Raleigh, NC   919.833.8081
Directions: From I-40, take Wade Avenue Exit. Take Wade Avenue to Capitol Boulevard US 401-N and then take the Wake Forest Exit. Dancing Moon will be on your right.

OR from 440 Beltline,Take Wake Forest Exit. Go 1.4 miles, turn left into plaza-- Plenty of parking!
Updates:   919.602.6507   

* * *

Northern Illinois  

JULY 13 2010 ~ Round Table Discussion - Pizza Party and Book Sale



We will be discussing this summer's aspects and how to make lemonade out of these lemons.


We will have a good selection of astrological books and magazines for sale, as well as pizza, non-alcoholic beverages and yummy snacks to share while connecting with your fellow astrologers.


If you have books or magazine you wish to donate for the sale, let Judy know and we will add them to the sale.


Bring your charts and bring a friend !


Cover charge:  $5.00 per person



630 303 3187 or (Email Preferred)



AUGUST 11, 2010

~ Dawn Silver  -  "Progressed Moon thru Signs and Houses -Where is it in your chart?"


SEPTEMBER 14, 2010 ~ Dave Gunning - SubjectTBA



OCTOBER 12, 2010 ~ Lynn Staudacher - "Synastry and Karmic Connections"



NOVEMBER 9, 2010 ~ Joe Polise - "William Lilly and Christian Astrology"




DECEMBER 14, 2010 ~ Party Time!


Join us for our "Bad-As(pect) Party"


Yes, there is little to recommend this date for a party, but we are going to throw one anyway! If you want to dress as a Bad- As(pect), feel free to do so. Bring charts to compare and enjoy food, fun and networking with astrologers from all over Chicago.




Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month March through December at The Dance Building, 1330 Webford Ave, Des Plaines, IL  60016


Doors open 7:00 pm

Featured Speaker begins promptly at 7:30

$8.00 for NCGR members, $10.00 for guests.


AYA members can attend at member rates.


Astrologers of all levels welcome


For information or directions to the Dance Building, see the Northern Illinois Chapter page on the NCGR website

or contact Judy Johnson (630) 303 3187,  or Janet Berres, Vice-President. (847) 965-9916,     


Northern New Jersey
Contact Joanne Castro at  for details regarding addresses or Certification Testing Applications.
Ohio Valley Ohio suns
Ohio Valley NCGR meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month, 7-9 PM


* June 24* SATURN OPPOSITION URANUS - How has it affected you? Bring your own anecdotes.

*July 22* THE BOARD INFO SESSIONS - The members of the board of the local chapter will each speak on one of their favored topics and/or research.

*August 26* JULENE PACKER - Chart Themes and the Soul's Calling: Julene will identify repeating themes and use famous peoples' charts to illustrate.

*September 23 TBD

*October 28* TBD

*November 22* (NOTE: this month's meeting has been moved from the 4th Thursday to MONDAY, Nov. 22) DEAN REGAS of the CINCINNATI OBSERVATORY - Planets and Their Orbits


In loving memory of Ann Wood Schlesinger: Founding President of the Ohio Valley Chapter of NCGR, and the brightest, shiniest Leo you'd ever want to meet. Ann passed away on Tuesday, May 11. .
It was Ann's passion and love of astrology that breathed life into our local NCGR chapter and guided it into being. She shepherded our Ohio Valley chapter through its early growing pains, assembling a board and holding the presidency for five years. Ann provided structure, support, and the strength, courage, leadership skills and resiliency of her zodiac totem, Lion. She is also remembered for her kindness, special brand of intuitive knowing, and her quest for deeper understanding. For the last year she has been the chapter's vice president. Ann and her fire will be sorely missed.

Richmond (VA) Chapter


* * *
Weinstein Jewish Community Ctr
5403 Monument Avenue - Richmond, VA
Information / RSVP - 804-740-1133

The Rocky Mountain Chapter
The Denver Chapter of the NCGR meets on the first Friday of the month at 7:00 pm, from September through June. The meetings are held at the Nic Nac Nook Bookstore, 4280 Morrison Road, at the corner of Morrison and Stuart St. The Nook's phone number is (303) 922-9063.
For more details, please contact Karen Anderson, at (303) 258-7258, or for e-mail,
San Diego Chapter10planets
The San Diego Chapter meets several times a year in North County San Diego. 
Meeting locations can vary. For up to date information visit our website:
* * * 
September 18, 2010
Linea Van Horn
2012 - The Galactic Embrace
10 am - Noon
$20 members (pre-paid w/Paypal)
$25 at the door and non-members

November 6, 2010
Dennis Harness
The Karmic Code
1 - 4 pm 
Q&A and book signing 4-5 pm
$40 members (pre-paid w/Paypal)

$45 at the door and non-members

is off for the summer and will resume in October

a FREE astrological discussion group 
2nd Saturday of month
Encinitas Library Study Room A
504 Cornish Lane, Encinitas
1-3 PM
graveyard 2testSan Francisco Chapter

Visit our NCGR chapter's website
<>  for a simple on-line method to register
using PAYPAL. If you prefer to pay by check or credit card, other
registration methods are listed near the bottom of this email.

Visit IAD SF for details and
to register.
SMART, Michigan

* * *

The Southeast Michigan Astrologers' Round Table (SMART) is pleased to announce its May through August 2010 sponsored lectures and events:

Please e-mail or call 734-434-4555 to pre-register for the events listed below so that we can have enough handouts for everybody attending. We usually gather for supper at a nearby restaurant after our lectures, and all are welcome to join us.

"Mercury, the Moon and Perception"  will be presented by Bon Rose Fine on Sunday, May 23rd  from 2 until 4:30 p.m. at the Lighthouse Center, 740 East Shore Drive in Whitmore Lake (just 20 minutes north of US-23 and Washtenaw Avenue).

The Moon and Mercury in the natal chart serve as indicators that show how a person will filter and process information. This lecture will explore the significance of emotional insight and intellectual reasoning and one's style of understanding the environment. Attendees who pre-register by 6 p.m. Saturday, May 22 will receive copies of their natal chart and personal information about their "mental chemistry," a theory advanced by Marc Edmund Jones.

A student of astrology since 1993, Bon Rose Fine now writes, offers consultations, teaches and lectures locally, in addition to regional and international astrology conferences. She'll be featured as a Showcase Speaker at the SOTA (State of the Art) conference in Buffalo on October 22, 2010.

Cost: $10 ($8 for NCGR and Lighthouse Center members).


* * *


Another popular speaker, Geoffrey Hoebbel, will once again make the trek north from Blue Ash, Ohio to share specialized information with us. His lecture is called "Peeling Away the Layers With Astrology," and will be offered on Sunday, July 11th from 2 until 5:30 p.m. at the Lighthouse Center. 

Use ancient philosophy and Medieval astrology techniques to see yourself and others as the walking archetypes that we are. This knowledge is practical, liberating and empowering.  Anyone from novice to expert will be able to use the information in this three hour presentation.

Geoffrey Hoebbel is a Medieval astrologer,  teacher, writer and lecturer who studied under the incomparable Latinist, medieval scholar, and astrologer, Robert Zoller. He is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master and an amateur musician who plays several instruments.

Cost: $15 ($12 for NCGR or Lighthouse Center members)   


* * *


The always entertaining and incredibly knowledgeable Elizabeth Hazel will offer us a unique perspective with "Chiron: Bridging the Gap" on Sunday, August 8th from 2 until 4:30 p.m. at the Lighthouse Center.

This lecture covers Chiron's complicated mythic background and a broad range of concepts and ideas that make it meaningful in astrology. Sample charts demonstrate how this oddball cometoid operates, and how it can be interpreted in natal charts and transits.

Elizabeth Hazel is an astrologer, tarotist, and writer. She is the author of "Tarot Decoded" and "The Whispering Tarot" and writes several astrology columns, including "Astro-Spell" for Witches and Pagans Magazine and the popular "Third Rock Almanac" weekly horoscope column. Her website is

Cost: $10 ($8 for NCGR or Lighthouse Center members).


* * *


We'll also continue with our "Thursdays With the Original Astrologers and Friends," coordinated by Bon Rose Fine. This activity will take place most Thursdays beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Cafe Luwak, 42 E. Cross Street in Ypsilanti's Historic Depot Town.

This event was initiated by SMART in early 2006 and these weekly gatherings offer the astrological community a chance to network or chat about astrological matters. This is also a welcoming environment in order to trade readings with one another or offer mini-readings to the general public. Please call 734-434-4555 or e-mail in advance to make sure the event will be taking place and that SMART members will be on hand.

There is no charge to attend this get-together unless a reading is desired or the attendee wishes to enjoy a tasty snack, meal or beverage from the cafe.

The Southeast Michigan Astrologers' Round Table (SMART) is a chapter of the nonprofit organization, NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). These astrology students and professionals have been meeting since 1994, and use their association for networking, engaging speakers, and discussing matters of concern and interest to astrologers. 


10planetsStars, Minnesota 

Information available at the STARS website:  
          or through the STARS mailing list at 651 698-1691, 612 242-4093  

June 20 2010 2:30-5:30 (Sunday): Tony von Arx is scheduled to make a presentation.

Location: Uptown Lunds' Community Room, 1450 W Lake Street Mpls MN.

Cost: $5/ NCGR members, $8/ non-members

Sunday April 25, 2010 2:30-5:30 PM
(Lund's Community Room,1450 W Lake St, Mpls)
The 4th House: the power of one's chart, the power of one's soul: Sally Blumenfeld
Tokyo, Japan
The group meets on the 3rd Sunday afternoon of every month at Villa Moderna.
For more information, please contact Terumi Kondo at  

Artemis, headTurkey, Istanbul
* * *
by Baris Ilhan
According to Islamic Mysticism, God is the One and we learn to surrender our will to His will in a continuous state. Each life is a voyage of discovery of what this unity of being really means. We discover how this is so at every instant in our everyday lives. So the discovery of God is the self-discovery of the individual. Together we will see how our charts can help us during this voyage.
A longer and Turkish version of the presentation at UAC 2008.

For those who want to test after Boston and find themselves in the area of Istanbul (such as Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Israel, and other parts of Turkey), please note the following:
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The Uranian Society
(A Special Interest Group of NCGR)
is hosting
The 5th International Conference
of the International Uranian Fellowship (I-U-F)
SLC Conf. Center, 352 7th Ave. at 30th St. 
New York City, October 23 - 24, 2010
Partial list of speakers:
David Beazley, Dr. Lietta Catoni, Gary Christen, Meira B. Epstein, Michael Feist, Arlene, Kramer, Faith McInerney, Bill Meridian, Francine Rasenberg, Maria Kay Simms, Dr. Winai Ouyportprasert, Nona Gwynn Press, Liane Thomas Wade
Full Conference Program:  


or under "Chapters & SIGS" or
Non- Profits, USA

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The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA)
Annual Astrologers Retreat
October 20-23 2010 
Asilomar Conference Grounds
For Info:

Take your astrology practice to the next level! Enhance your professional skills with the wisdom of our internationally renowned faculty! A unique astrological experience- small enough to bond with your peers, big enough to expand your horizons!
Our faculty includes:
  • Robert Corre - Structuring work habits
  • Monica Dimino - Relationships and Their Many Guises in the Horoscope
  • Maurice Fernandez -The Spiritual Dimension of a Chart
  • Jacqueline Janes - Personal exploration using your own birth chart.
  • Ani Bettati - Beginner's group
  • Chris McRae - The Big Picture and individual charts
  • Bob Mulligan and Benjamin Bernstein - Making Your Astrology Practice Successful
  • Glenn Perry - Psychological Astrology
  • Sandra-Leigh Serio - Forecasting
  • Arlan Wise - Writers workshop


    The San Francisco Astrological Society presents:

    Thursday, June 24th, 2010

    Better Than Prozac:  Astrology and Mental Health with Greg Bogart

    Greg Bogart, Ph.D. is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC# 28276) in private practice in Berkeley, California, specializing in depth psychotherapy, vocational counseling, dreamwork, and psychosynthesis. Greg's work combines his training in psychoanalytic, existential, Jungian, Buddhist, family systems, and imagery-based psychotherapies, as well as mythic and religious studies. He teaches in the Integral Counseling Psychology program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. For seven years he served as program director and core faculty member in the department of Counseling Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, School of Holistic Studies. He has also taught at Sonoma State University, Dominican University, and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. In addition to his books, Greg's writings have appeared in The American Journal of Psychotherapy, The Journal of Humanistic Psychology, The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, The California Therapist, The Journal of the Society for the Study of Dreams, and Yoga Journal.

    Greg is also an astrological counselor who has taught and practiced professionally since 1981. He received his certification as a counseling astrologer from the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) in 1986. He has been a speaker at many conferences, including United Astrology Congress (UAC), International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), Astrological Association of Great Britain (AAGB), American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), and Cycles and Symbols conferences.

    Greg graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in Religious Studies. He received his M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies (1988), and his doctorate in Psychology from Saybrook Institute (1992). Website:


    Meetings of the San Francisco Astrological Society cost $7 for members and $12 for the general public.

    $2 discounts off meeting fees for:
    * Students with a student ID card
    * Senior citizens (age 65+),
    * People experiencing their Uranus Return (born 1926 or earlier) with membership get in for free!

    Meetings start promptly at 7:30pm and end at 9:30pm.

    Meeting location:
    Fort Mason Center
    Landmark Building C, Room C-260
    Marina district, San Francisco

    For more information, please check out our website:

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    Conferences, Outside of USA
    July 2010
    There is a Sophia Centre Conference. The link is: 

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    Astrological Association of Great Britain

    The 42st Annual Conference of the Astrological Association

    17th to 19th September 2010
    Wyboston Lakes

    Speakers include: Christian Borup, Angela Cornish, Anna Estaroth, Sue Farebrother, Deborah Houlding, Kelley Hunter, Aleksandar Imsiragic, Babs Kirby, Hakan Kirkoglu, A. T. (Tad) Mann, Paul Mayo, Jamie MacPhail, Frank Piechowski, Melanie Reinhart, Wendy Stacey, Branka Stamenkovic, Gisele Terry, Dick van der Mark, and many more.

    Masterclasses with A. T. (Tad) Mann and Gisele Terry, plus a new and exciting Cambridge walk with Prudence Jones

    Conference party on Saturday night.

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