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NCGR Journal - Summer 2013
Summer 2013
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Geocosmic Alchemy
Winter 2012/2013
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"Curso de Astrología-NCGR Vía Internet "
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• Have you ever thought about learning astrology in a deep way to be able to understand it in theory and in practice, and to use it for personal or professional purposes?
• Have you ever felt that even if you have read different astrology books or you have taken some classes or participated in conferences there are many things that you don't understand yet and you wish someone would explain them better to you?
• Have you wished to take the NCGR-PAA exams to become certified, but you have not done it because you feel insecure, missing some knowledge or practice?
• Have you looked in your area for certified astrologers who are willing to teach you in Spanish all that you would like to learn, but you have not found them?

  If the answer to one of these questions is yes, now NCGR is offering to you the opportunity to learn astrology live via the Internet in Spanish in a structured and professional way, in accord with the NCGR-PAA curriculum. These courses will offer you all the knowledge you need to take the NCGR-PAA exams and achieve a good grade. All you need to do is take the classes and study the material that is taught.
  On March 4th, from 5 to 6:30 CT, we will start with the online astrology classes for Level I, which includes the knowledge you need to make an accurate interpretation of a natal chart. This course is geared to those who do not know anything or know very little about astrology as well as to those who wish to study more to prepare for the NCGR-PAA Level I exam.
  On March 7th, from Noon to 1:30 CT, we will begin the Level II course, which includes predictive techniques and deeper knowledge of the natal chart, It covers the material that you need to take the NCGR-PAA Level II exam.
  If you wish to know more about these courses, please click here for more information., or write directly to Mónica Escalante-Ochoa, who will be the astrologer teaching these courses in Spanish.
NCGR's Professional Education Series!
Recordings Of These Sessions Are Now Available:
"How to Approach Special Consultation Issues for Gay Men," and "Single Women Nearing 40"

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